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(Webmasterís note.These recordings are no longer available for sale from this site.This list is provided as historical reference of the later recording projects that were released by Homer Ledford and the members of the Cabin Creek Band.) 

 KENTUCKY TRADITIONS Vocals and instrumentals. Rollie Carpenter-banjo, guitar and vocals; L.C. Johnson-guitar and vocals, Jean Sunega-bass and vocals; Damon Crawford- fiddle and vocals, Homer Ledford-mandolin. Selections include: Will You Be Loving Another Man, Home Sweet Home, Who Will Sing For Me, Love and Wealth, Wildwood Flower and 7 others.

BLUEGRASS MEMORIES Rollie Carpenter-guitar, banjo and vocals; L.C. Johnson-guitar and vocals; Homer Ledford-mandolin; Freddie Fraley-bass and vocals; Selections include: Pain In My Heart, Little Whitewashed Chimney, Bluegrass Polka, [by Rollie Carpenter] I Found a Way and 8 others.

WINGS OF ANGELS All selections are bluegrass gospel. Rollie Carpenter-guitar, banjo and vocals, L.C. Johnson-guitar and vocals, Homer Ledford-mandolin, Pam Case-bass and vocals. Selections include: Wings of Angels, The Little Brown Church, Gone Home, Preaching, Praying, Singing and 8 others.

KALEIDOSCOPE Rollie Carpenter on banjo, guitar and vocals; Pam Case on bass and vocals, Homer Ledford-mandolin; L.C. Johnson-guitar and vocals. Selections include: Iíll Never Shed Another Tear, Rosewood Casket, Free as a Breeze, Motherís Footsteps Guide Me plus 8 more.

BLUEGRASS HERITAGE Rollie Carpenter-guitar, banjo and vocals, Pam Case-bass and vocals; L.C. Johnson-guitar and vocals, Homer Ledford-mandolin; Marvin Carroll-fiddle. Selections include: Jimmy Brown the Newsboy, The Nine Pound Hammer, Iím On My Way Back to the Old Home, Visions of Mother, Angelina the Baker and 8 others. 

THE BEST OF HOMER LEDFORD AND THE CABIN CREEK BAND Rollie Carpenter-guitar, banjo and vocals, Pam Case-bass and vocals; L.C. Johnson-guitar and vocals, Homer Ledford-mandolin; Marvin Carroll-fiddle. Selections include: Lonesome Hobo, Home Sweet Home, Amazing Grace, Southbound, Sing Dixie For Me, Give Me My Flowers While I'm Living and 13 others.

MOUNTAIN MEMORIES This cd contains a lot of pure Homer!  Many tracks are overdubs of Homer playing all of the instruments, all of which, except for the bass and the musical saw, were made by Homer himself! Other tracks include material from guest artists like Chilton Price, J.D. Sumner, Ruth(McLain) Smith, Cindy (Ledford) Lowy, Julia (Ledford) Baker and Mattie (Ledford) Conkwright. 

ON THE AIR WITH HOMER LEDFORD AND THE CABIN CREEK BAND  This CD contains two complete rare archived live broadcast radio shows along with some additional material for good measure!

The following article appears in the June - August '97 issue of FolkNotes.


Michael Johnathon: Woodsongs

By Darryl Murdock

At first blush, Michael Johnathon's Woodsongs "gift set" (PoetMan USA) is a beautifully packaged, well designed CD and book set that any would be folkie would be proud to own. Its handsome, understated packaging artwork and photography alone make it a collector's item. Woodsongs is an example of how traditional and contemporary songwriting and performance can be blended to form a mixture that is at once familiar and pleasantly non-formulaic. From the opening stanza of "Shady Grove," this blending of musical styles is apparent, with guitar and mandolin punctuated by a driving drum kit and bass line. Johnathon manages to remain true to his roots while putting his own spin on such gems at Jerry Jeff Walker's "Mr. Bojangles" and the classic "Shenandoah."

The cast of players on the CD is a who's who of traditional American music, including Jean Ritchie on mountain dulcimer, J.D. Crowe on banjo, Homer Ledford on mandolin and Odetta singing on the haunting song New Wood. Each performer is incorporated into the eclectic mix of styles in an almost seamless fashion. The sense you get after listening to this CD is that of a bunch of friends, who really like one another, got together for a weekend while sipping iced tea on the front porch of Jean Ritchie's cabin. The sound is full and rich, with just enough "liveness" to keep from sounding like every other studio album.

Lyrically, the traditional and contemporary songs seem to phase in and out from one another. In fact, so adept is Johnathon at duplicating the sounds of Appalachia that it is easy to assume all of the songs on the album were passed down from generation to generation. One of my favorite parts of the album is the opening stanza to the title track, where Michael sings "you ain't the one I remember, something happened to you on the road. All your passions have turned into anger, now it follows wherever you go." Johnathon is eerily reminiscent of Bob Dylan, yet he thankfully does not take the atonal characterization of the Folk legend, instead opting to borrow phrasing and delivery mannerisms that add accent and color.

Accompanying the CD is a combination autobiography, cookbook and folk story manual. For some, this book will be more than worth the price of the packaged set. The book is titled WoodSongs: A Folksinger's Social Commentary, Cook Manual & Song Book. Michael weaves magic in between the recipes, tablature of traditional songs, diagrams, jokes, and stories. It is a personal look into the life and memories of a man who has devoted his life to a true folk life. It will make you think. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. The Introduction truly sets the tone for the rest of the book. It's a great read and includes many anecdotes about Johnathon's journey from his roots in New York, to his job in Texas and his decision to settle in Mousie, KY, to his becoming a full-time touring folksinger. For the activist in all of us, this book is a compendium of all the right reasons to become a folk singer; connecting with our neighbors, espousing values of freedom and justice and equality. It is a journey into the psyche of the man who was dubbed the "troubadour," a name to which he proudly answers. There are recipes that look great, although I've not tried any (yet!). However, his recipe for living life is perhaps the best message of all.

Michael Johnathon's Woodsongs is a must have for any serious folk music fan's collection. Michael will be touring in the CNY area this summer, including stops at Borders Books and Music in Rochester and Syracuse. He will also appear on Bound for Glory, Sunday, August 3. Bound for Glory is heard on WVBR-FM (93.5 and 105.5) 8pm - 11pm. WoodSongs can be ordered from PoetMan Records, P.O. Box 24187, Lexington, KY 40524-4187, e-mail: PoetUSA@aol.com.

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