The door to Homer's wonderful workshop! 

(Picture by Bill Johnson)

The Instruments of Homer Ledford

The following is the listing of all of the dulcimers produced by Homer Ledford.  Every Homer Ledford instrument was entirely made by Homer's hands out of top quality, and in some cases, antique, woods and other rare materials.  Some of the numbers in this list do not list original owner information.  These instruments were most likely sold to shops or arts and crafts centers who sold them retail.  There are places in the listing where the instrument records were lost or nonexistent.  If you have one of these instruments, please email the webmaster so that the list can be updated.  If you purchased a vintage Ledford dulcimer and were not the original owner, please email us so we can add you name to your instrument's history.

Many thanks to Homer, Colista and Mark Ledford for assembling this list.

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Dulcimers 1-1000

Dulcimers 1001 - 2000

Dulcimers 2001-3000

Dulcimers 3001-4000

Dulcimers 4001-5000

Dulcimers 5001-6014

Pictures/Stories of and about Homer Ledford's Instruments